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Hearing the word motivation, what commonly comes into one’s mind is that one person influencing another.  The word motivation may be associated with leadership.  A team leader with good motivation skill will likely succeed in influencing his team members into the direction of achieving the team’s goals.

In motivating people, one question frequently asked if not always, arises

That question is “how difficult is it to motivate people?”.  Generally, people have their own unique characteristics.  No two individuals have exactly the same characteristics, not even identical twins.  With this diversity, motivating people tends to become a difficult task.


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Motivating people may be compared to operating a personal computer.  The only difference is that, people have their own thinking unlike a computer.  That “own thinking” in many instances are the main problem in motivating people.  It is not new to most of us, say in an office environment, that there are employees who are self-willed and do whatever pleases them.


Regardless of the outcome, those self-willed employees will do it to their own satisfaction

Some team members will argue on small matters, leading to a disaster, for instance, the inability of the team to reach their goals.  While it is true that there are people falling under the categories above, there are also those who are not in those categories.

Our motivational speakers at are trained to handle situations involving motivational obstacles.  Motivational obstacles may either be intentional or unintentional.  An intentional motivational obstacle is one that a person will do just to showcase his importance to a team.  One good example is an employee who will takes an absence with no reason at all.  If that employee is nowhere to be found, then there will be no one to motivate.  His team leader may then resort to other ways so as not to hamper the progress of the team’s task.  The other, being unintentional, i.e. say sickness or other emergencies that are beyond control, may be resolved within the team or organization in a different manner.

People work for a living, for compensation.  They expect to be fairly compensated for every energy they used in working.  One good example of a motivational move is to give incentives to employees.  In case of sales representatives, a bonus upon exceeding their sales quota will definitely make them more productive.  Factory workers whose production for a certain period increased will be happy to receive incentives.


However, motivating people does not only mean monetary rewards

In their day to day activities, it is but natural for them to get bored especially if their work is monotonous.  Many would have noticed those piped-in music in malls and offices.  In malls, those piped-in music are intended to get boredom out of their customers and employees.  Hearing something other than people talking is a good relief from boredom.  Many may also notice those paintings on the walls of most offices and buildings.  They are not there for nothing.  Seeing something is better than seeing blank walls.Motivational Speaker

At, we see to it that as much as possible, all aspects of motivation are tackled by our speakers in every speaking engagement they are in.

Being a part of a business organization, although not complicated, is not that easy.  Every individual in a business organization serves a purpose, i.e. from the Chief Executive Officer to the lowest ranked employee.  As mentioned earlier in this article, every person has his or her own characteristic.  Some can handle tight situations while others cannot.

At the management level, their busy schedules may hinder the motivational process of the entire organization.  When this happens, there is a great chance for the company’s performance, as a whole, to suffer.  At, our experienced and trained motivational speakers may be of big help to your organization.