Debunking SEO Myths That Can Hurt Your Business

How well do you understand SEO marketing? Test your knowledge by identifying the four common myths of SEO service.

Myth #1: SEO is all about getting on top of the SERP (search engine results pages)

SeoThat is ideal, but that is not the end result you need. What you need is traffic. Being at the end of the first page or even at the succeeding pages of SERPs does not make you a loser if it still brings in the traffic you need to make sales and earn big profits. Reaching the top of SERPs is futile if your readers won’t find your contents interesting and reliable enough to make them come back regularly. This is especially true for websites that sell and offer products and services other than information.

Look at the bigger picture and work hard for what really matters – the visitors and not the ranking.

Myth #2: SEO is all about the content

SEO writing is the best SEO service that matters a lot when it comes to ranking because at the end of the day, relevance and reputation as measured by search engine algorithms still depend on your contents and how they matter to search engine users. This is the service that is usually singly availed, but SEO marketing is more than using keywords and publishing highly relevant contents. This is just one part of on-page optimization.

SEO also covers the use of computer languages for better reception with web crawlers (Flash vs. HTML). There are also Content Management System and tagging issues to help you improve your stand with spiders. Link building and off-page optimization are other important aspects of SEO that you have to focus on.

Myth #3: Link dropping will improve your traffic

If you live in 2008, yes, it does. But this is 2014, and search engine algorithms and blogging platform guidelines have already changed. In the past, link dropping is a popular SEO service among SEO specialists because it is easy to do. They just leave links on forums, blog reply threads, place links on signatures and exchange links with any websites that also want to build a network.

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Unfortunately, social media sites and blogging platforms are already aware of the spamming that is happening with many users, so to prevent degrading their reputations, many of them already followed a “nofollow” tag rule that disables other readers’ privileges to leave links on reply boxes, threads and comment sections.Putting inbound links on websites that have nothing to do with your own niche also lowers your reputation score, so your rank also goes down.

Instead of dropping links anywhere you like, why not just talk to other websites in the same niche and try to ask them if they can use your URL as a resource link. That is if you can offer them substantial information through your contents.

You can also contribute to article directories and other websites so you can earn legitimate resource links.

Myth #4: Availing an SEO service will guarantee you higher profit

The main job of SEO companies is to bring you more traffic. It is usually up to you to handle that traffic and maximize it to earn profit. That is why there is a term called conversion rate to measure how traffic translates to income. Higher conversion rate means higher income.

How does it work?

Seo ServicesVisitors might be pouring your way, but if you do not have a convincing product to sell or a relevant service to offer, it is almost impossible to convert regular readers into paying customers.

You might have a lot of advertisements scattered all over your webpages, but without proper screening and picking of ads that have high credibility, it will be hard to entice your readers to click the ads and earn from PPC.

At the end of the day, SEO marketing is just a strategy to bring in more potential customers to you. It is your responsibility to engage them in a negotiation and finally offer them a really high quality product.

Why An Internet Marketing Company May Not Fear The End of SEO As We Know It

There are a lot of different pundits online that are going to tell you that the end of the marketing world has come to fruition. This happens a lot when it comes to technology writing as a whole. It’s not going to go away either, it’s something that is definitely worth exploring on a lot of different levels. You’ll find that when you look at any part of tech, something is dying or has died.

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This is not true, but it definitely gets people reading information protocol faster than ever. You are going to find that there are a lot of different ways that you can approach the world of marketing, some of which are going to be easier to understand than others. If you find yourself trying to figure it all out and trying to equate what is going to work best for you, you’ll need to understand how some companies aren’t really buying into all of this, while others are panicking a great deal.

If you want to hire a good SEO marketing company, you should. Don’t allow yourself to lose out on this opportunity because it could cause a great deal of issues moving forward. There are a lot of people that are going to tell you that the best route to move forward with is actually that of doing things yourself, but that’s not a good route overall. You will find that if you chase that instead of going forward with the marketing collateral associated with hiring a professional, you will end up losing out on the greater good overall. It’s something that most people aren’t really going to understand until they see their work fail to get any sort of leverage moving forward.

The Shifting Focus

There are a lot of different ways that you can focus on making moves online, many of which will lead you down a curved path of implementation strategies. You don’t want to focus on the wrong pieces of collateral, that’s for sure, but it’s hard to move ahead of the curve, when you’re stuck within it. You’ll find that if you aren’t focusing on the many different elements of marketing collateral, you will end up with no traffic to speak of and that’s something that most people aren’t really figuring out properly.

Marketing as a whole takes a lot of time, it’s not going to be easy to follow through on, and will definitely find you trying really hard to develop the right movement forward. If you are able to gain market share, you will end up seeing a huge difference in the way you update your page and the way you build the right optimization strategies moving forward.

The Right Elements

Internet MarketingThe right pieces of the proverbial puzzle will give you market share. Plain and simple, you could end up gaining a lot of leverage if you focus on the right collateral overall. If you don’t focus on the right things, you will see your returns diminish. When you hire a good SEO marketing company, they will take your site as a whole and will build the marketing pieces from the ground up. They will improve on the greater good that you need to flow through, and will give you an edge that is hard to really scoff at. If you don’t want collateral or an edge, you could always focus on other options, but you will find that tat a professional solution will build on the right concepts for you moving forward.

If you’re not sure what elements you need to work within, you will definitely want to look at content, link generation, traffic, blogging, and much more. Even within the content marketing world, you will see that there are 15 to 20 moving pieces that you have to swim within. When you swim within those spaces, you will end up rising to the right solutions moving forward.

The Wrong Elements

There’s no easy way to figure out what is the best company to go with online today. You will find that some companies will say that they are the best in the world, but proving that is something that most don’t really know how to work within. You will want to focus on building the right collateral, which takes time, but the wrong elements will cause you to lose market share overall. You will find that the right elements are something that will take you a great deal of time to implement.

Hiring the right people can make or break your traffic generation, but the wrong people working on your page will cause your site’s rank to plummet and once that happens, you will not find that it’s easy to recover at all. If you want to gain leverage in the marking world, you will want to look into building the right pieces overall.

Take your time hiring anyone, because you will want to ensure that you are not losing market share due to expedited, rushed, hiring. Take your time, look at the portfolios that companies have and what they can do for your company overall. If you follow through the right components, you will gain market share that will definitely cause you to gain leverage overall.